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Our focus is security and stability, this is why we chose Andorra, one of the most secure and peaceful countries in the worlds, to locate our data centre.
Our clients are sure that their data is absolutely safe and secure, far from any corporate or political conflicts.

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Mountain Host

We help your business grow

You can focus on business development: your sensitive data is secure.


We're at the cutting edge

We always aim to be first to the market with innovative products.


We make it easier

Free server installation, 24/7 support and high flexibility for your business.

Data Center


Linux or Windows dedicated server hosting, and let our team build a solution tailored to your business needs.

  • Optimised network infrastructure
  • One-hour hardware replacement
  • Dedicated account manager and support team

VPS Hosting

Our range of secure VPS hosting solutions are designed to meet any needs of a growing business.

  • Flexible & secure working
  • Reduced costs & complexity
  • Fast, secure backups


Colocation is the ultimate solution if you want the flexibility and control of owning your hardware, but don't have the in-house resource.

  • Improved performance
  • Increased security
  • PGreater scalability


Businesses often have a separate in-house server room used to house their data. Unfortunately, the inescapable truth is that needs are changing and applications are becoming more complex. What happens next is that the in-house infrastructure is pushed to the limit, leaving the company with two very different options:
  • Expand internally, which may result in the launch of a full-scale in-house data center. This means additional staff, additional power and more equipment, not to mention the added expense associated with maintenance.
  • Explore colocation, meaning your servers or other storage and network connectivity systems will be housed within a separate data center. This helps you drive down the expenses associated with maintaining, updating and monitoring your IT needs.

We offer FREE delivery of your server to our data center in Andorra from any European capital and from Moscow and Saint Petersburg!

Some of the Features


Host up to 100 websites

We offer a dedicated environment for your server infrastructure, overcoming the security pitfalls of a shared environment - a great choice if your business is in an industry with tight data-protection regulations. Our data centre is accredited to the highest levels of information security and quality management.

Redundancy and Reliability

Power outages caused by a downed power line or power surges could bring serious problems for data. Power generators, air conditioning systems, internet access, routers and everything vital for your business are provided with back-up systems to prevent downtime even during long power outages.


We keep our clients' servers in our climate-controlled data center, with high bandwidth speeds, and excellent redundancy for network and power supply. You won’t have to pay the costs to purchase and maintain IT infrastructure in your offices, and your internal IT staff can focus on other business operations.

CAPEX and IT Infrastructure Savings

Colocation offers a cost-effective option to reduce infrastructure and management costs while operating with top-of-the-line facilities as you need not invest in the purchase of UPS, backup generators and HVAC units and the added operating costs.


Often business requirements fluctuate according to the demands of the market. You may decide to increase or decrease your resources, to tailor to your needs, within a short turn-around time. Without any limitations and expansion costs, you have more room to grow in the future.

Security and Data Protection

We house our clients' servers in a secure data center, with security measures that include closed circuit cameras, on-site security, coded access, alarm systems, and more. Your server with sensitive data will be perfectly protected from any force majeure or third parties.


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I would be delighted to recommend MountainHost as a trusted reliable colocation and network services provider. The skills, knowledge and expertise of the senior management team is unparalleled and the quality of the facility, location, connectivity and support is great making it one of the most impressive data centres I have come across so far - especially in a non-EU state.

- Catherine Falger / Antanta Capital
Testimonial Image

When looking to choose a data centre provider in an independent jurisdiction, we sought one which could not only deliver mission critical colocation and network connectivity services, but act as a business partner offering advice and support to our team when needed. Since becoming a customer at MountainHost, the experienced senior management and technical team have been outstanding in offering remote hands and technical support to us.

- Geoffrey Harris / BGP Litigation
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Cloud Hosting

Choose Cloud Hosting


Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. If your needs increase it’s easy to scale up your cloud capacity, drawing on the service’s remote servers. Likewise, if you need to scale down again, the flexibility is built into the service.

Work From Anywhere

With cloud computing, if you’ve got an internet connection you can be at work. And with most serious cloud services offering mobile apps, you’re not restricted by which device you’ve got to hand.

Document Control

The more employees and partners collaborate on documents, the greater the need for watertight document control. With cloud computing, all files are stored centrally and everyone sees one version of the truth.

Increased Collaboration

When your teams can access, edit and share documents anytime, from anywhere, they’re able to do more together, and do it better. Cloud-based workflow and file sharing apps help them make updates in real time and gives them full visibility of their collaborations.

Automatic Updates

Another advantage of cloud computing is that the servers are off-premise, out of sight and out of your hair. Our maintenance engineers take care of them for you and roll out regular software updates and security updates.

Live Chat Support

It all just works, but in case you have any questions or requests, we are always online to help you.

How It Works

Instant Setup

We are here to simplify your server needs. Cloud hosting is easy to use. No need to have any administration skills - everything is ready to use.

Scalable Infrastructure

You can upgrade and downgrade your services within minutes. You can focus on your business projects and leave the scalability to us.

Reliability Through Redundancy

High reliability and performance, with maximized uptime achieved through retention of redundant server capacity.


Nextgen VPS Hosting

NextGen VPS Hosting services.
  • Advanced SAN based storage
  • Fully Managed Support
  • Powered by NetApp, Virtuozzo & CentOS
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Starting @ €39Per month

Level of Performance

Performance level.
  • Advanced SAN based storage
  • Fully Managed Support
  • Powered by NetApp, Virtuozzo & CentOS
View Plans
Starting @ €49Per month

Effectivness of VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting efficiency.
  • Advanced SAN based storage
  • Fully Managed Support
  • Powered by NetApp, Virtuozzo & CentOS
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Starting @ €59Per month

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